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To play Veigar is to choose a playstyle that doesn’t mesh well with the general feel of of League of Legends.  Your goal is two-fold.  You will farm creeps with your basic nuke endlessly,

To play Veigar is to choose a playstyle that doesnÂ’t mesh well with the general feel of of League of Legends.  Your goal is two-fold.  You will farm creeps with your basic nuke endlessly, something 95% of the heroes in this game wouldnÂ’t dare think of.  You also have one of the best stuns in the game, with a wide area of effect and decent cast range, and should they be adept enough to dodge it, effectively hold them in place for 3 seconds anyway.  On top of that, you have one of the most powerful anti-mage spells in the game in your ultimate.  So why isnÂ’t Veigar a popular pick?

Speak softly, and carry a big stick... it might make up for your puny frame.

You are made of paper.

You have a very high cooldown on your stun and ultimate.  You are highly reliant on farming with your basic Q nuke to get anywhere mid and late game, and if you donÂ’t do this to the utmost extent, you forfeit potentially hundreds of ability power if the game drags on.  Should the game not drag on, youÂ’ll be in a bind, as Veigar grows in power not only with levels, but with creep kills over time and even with the power of his enemies.

Being the Tiny Master of Evil isnÂ’t easy.


Passive : Equilibrium - VeigarÂ’s mana regeneration is increased by .5% per 1% mana he is missing.

    This passive effectively gives Veigar a free Chalice.  YouÂ’ll be casting non-stop, from early game to end game, from last-hitting to hero-bursting.  Veigar is one of the most mana-hungry bastards in the League.  However, this percentage increase is worthless unless you buy some flat mana regeneration to begin with, or equip yourself with it ahead of time with runes.  Keep this in mind and build a rune page or early item that makes your passive shine, and build into it further with later items!

Baleful Strike - Veigar blasts a target with dark energy, dealing 80/125/170/215/260 damage.  If he kills a target, he gains 1 AP permanently.  If he ever kills a champion with any spell or attack, he gains 1/2/3/4/5 AP permanently.  Has a good range and cooldown is reduced by 1 second per level to a minimum of 4 seconds.

    I hope you like pressing Q a lot.  This is your go to, should always be on cooldown, basic blast.  It stays at a flat 75 mana per cast, and that unique bonus on kill should be exploited fully.  Always, always be blasting creeps with it at low life when youÂ’re not in a situation where youÂ’d be better off being aggressive with it.  Get a feel for how low each creep needs to be before you go for the kill.  If you are completely left alone in a lane, donÂ’t even last hit physically and strictly use your Baleful Strike to get kills unless itÂ’s on cooldown and the enemy minion will die before it comes back up.
    Once Veigar hits level 7, he can poke with this effectively.  Make sure you have a point in Event Horizon to follow up with if the enemy gets aggressive at the same time, and donÂ’t ignore the creeps!  The more you kill, the more damage each successive harassment strike will do!

Dark Matter - Veigar marks an area for 1.2 seconds, after which a massive blast hits the ground, dealing 120/170/220/270/320 damage.  Has a long range and high mana cost, but also an outstanding 1.0 ability power coefficient.

    Should you need to push, this blows up everything quickly and easily.  Minions stay in place nicely, and you only need a minimal amount of items in order to start causing entire waves of creeps to explode.  ItÂ’s an effective deterrent to chasing you or your allies as well.  It should NOT be used to farm openly, as kills from this are not transferred to your ability power count unlike Baleful Strike.  If each wave is 6 minions, and you kill them all with Dark Matter, thatÂ’s a potential 6 ability power you just threw away.  Do not farm randomly with this!  Sure if you have a tiny window before you have to retreat or recall, itÂ’s okay, but donÂ’t get too Dark Matter happy.

    Hitting heroes with this is a foolÂ’s errand unless you have the assistance of a Event Horizon stun.  The recent buff to the impact time now gives Veigar a chance at nailing people with it even with MercuryÂ’s Treads, if youÂ’re quick in the placement.  It can cause people to dodge in a favorable direction though.  Say youÂ’ve got a ganker in the jungle nearby to the left.  If you aim Dark Matter to the behind and to the right of the hero slightly, theyÂ’ll instinctively run forward and left to dodge it--and right into your hands!

Event Horizon - Veigar places a circle of pillars on the ground, and any enemy who touches the boundaries of it is stunned for 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds.  The area itself lasts 3 seconds.

    Veigar has one of the better stuns in the game for mages.  Aimed properly, this can stun people instantly rather than waiting for them to hit a boundary.  It also has the benefit of being able to completely ruin a push or retreat by stunning the attackers or pursuers, and setting up a nasty Dark Matter hit.  Even if it doesnÂ’t stun the opposition inside it as they wait for it to disperse, you effectively stopped them from advancing or retreating for 3 seconds anyway.

    Be very careful about your aggression after you place this.  It has a long cooldown compared to most stuns, so enemies will know you have no way to stop them now other than sheer damage!

    Note that while it has only a moderate placement range, the actual circle extends far out from the radius of placement, and the placement is near instant.  You can catch people on the other side of trees or below cliffs with good timing and positioning.

Ultimate : Primordial Burst - Veigar blasts an enemy near instantly with white hot death, doing 250/375/500 + 1 damage per ability power of Veigar AND +1 damage per ability power of his enemy.

    Your ultimate as Veigar is just another glorified single target nuke, and the base numbers are quite small on it.  However, this scales like no other spell in the game when you target enemy casters stacking ability power.  Typically offensive mages will skimp on their defenses in favor of getting as much ability power as possible, which plays right into your hands.  When both Veigar and his target are farmed, youÂ’ll likely have 700-900 ability power and your target will have 500-700.  ThatÂ’s at least 1200 more damage on the hit.  Short range casters like Ryze will be at your mercy if they decide to go on the offensive, as this will basically one shot them in conjunction with his other spells.

    Make it count though, because after this is blown, VeigarÂ’s burst trump card is on cooldown and other enemies may engage you knowing this.

Essential Items

Tear of the Goddess / ArchangelÂ’s Staff - Veigar will be casting spells non-stop the entire game.  This will give him mana regeneration, a much larger pool to work with and let the regeneration work for him, and eventually a big chunk of ability power.

Rod of Ages - Veigar has jack shit for HP, being the tiny master of evil and all.  You might not live long enough to stun people in the end game without some added health, and the mana & ability power will work towards your late game domination.

ZhonyaÂ’s Ring - When Veigar has blown his stun and the enemy is still laying into him, itÂ’s time to go invincible for a few seconds.  Consider dropping a Dark Matter around yourself just as you hit this to punish anyone standing on top of you waiting for the kill, and you might be able to get a kill out of it before you go down.

Situational Items

Deathfire Grasp - This is a burst item, which combined with your already high burst potential during your stun, turns you into a ranged Poppy early on.  Later on, itÂ’s essential for combating beefy DPS heroes such as Sion and Mundo, or making tanks like Shen think twice about dashing in to engage further.

Lich Bane - Veigar is an amazing AP masser, and this.... this actually makes him one of the most effective backdoors in the game!  With two spells that donÂ’t even require a target, Veigar can trigger it to do over a thousand damage to a building in one auto attack!   This is ignoring the already powerful burst addition itÂ’ll give you with just a wave of your wand.

Void Staff - When you start dominating, the rampant Magic Resist items will start showing up in your opponentsÂ’ inventories.  This is necessary at that point to maintain your sick burst capability.


Magic penetration reds, Mana regeneration yellows, and scaling magic resist or cooldown reduction blues are the way to go with Veigar.  The magic resist runes are recommended because Veigar will be building little in the way of defensive items throughout the game generally, and having those will help greatly against enemy mages that show up when your ultimate is down, or mass Magic Penetration to reduce your resistance to zero.


9/0/21 is the generic Veigar build, taking the improved cooldown reductions and magic penetration of both trees and various mage improving abilities in the Utility tree.  You are a very good canidate for taking the Golem buff (perhaps from your dead enemies!), so taking the neutral buff duration increase is advised.  A Veigar with maxed cooldown reduction is very, very scary!

9/7/14 is popular for giving Veigar a good source of HP regen in the lane in the defense tree, since he will have a large mana pool quickly, especially if you build around it.

Summoner Spells

Veigar has no need for assistance in finishing off his enemies generally, but is focused very, very often.  Play defensive and take Ghost and Flash, giving you a few ways out if your stun doesnÂ’t prove enough.  Veigar needs to farm to excel more than most mages, so he will need to take chances in lanes to keep getting those Baleful last hits.


Veigar is a tough to master champion that has been overshadowed a lot lately, but with the release of so many new mages, rises up once more to show them who the master of burst really is.  Play defensive and bide your time.  The longer the fight rages, the more ability power youÂ’ll have and the more items youÂ’ll be able to farm up before you look your opponent in the eye one second, and then at their dead body the next.  Be very attentive to your last hitting with your Baleful Strike and hold out until Veigar becomes the ridiculous explosion of damage, in the tiniest little package!

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