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Location: Gharaf-fehem - 13.1S, 105.7

Type: Private Instance

Resources: Khazad-iron, Khazad-gold

Mobs: Gredbyg or Orcs & Goblins

Description:  Now established in
the Twenty-first Hall, the Iron Garrison has dispatched
scouts to the Redhorn Lodes in search of new sources of
ore. In a small cleft along the region's southern borders,
they have discovered Fulz-zahar -- a small mine upon which
many big hopes lie..

This private mini-instance is opened when the player undertakes
the quests from the NPC at Gharaf-fehem. Back in the day, ore
nodes were a hotly-contested commodity, and these "crafting
instances" were a guaranteed way to get a usable amount of
top-tier crafting mats without having to battle node-ninjas and
campers. This one is rich with Khazad-iron and Khazad-gold. It
will spawn either gredbyg or goblins when first entered. All of
the crafting instances have a similar quest package: one
kill-stuff quest, one collect-stuff quest and one boss-mob quest.
The initial boss-mob quest is timed - you have one hour to find
and kill the boss (a 6k elite), kill 20 mobs, collect the handful
of items, harvest all the nodes and return to the NPC outside for
your reward.

The reward is one Iron Garrison Resource Token for each completed
quest. These tokens can be redeemed for more top-tier resources by
trading for a key to the cache, or they can be traded 3:1 for
Lothlorien Gold Leaves. The Lothlorien barter item is usually the
better choice, with so few quests in Lothlorien that actually
reward them. Since there are 6 of these crafting instances,
players can earn 6 gold leaves a day while farming useful top-tier
crafting resouces.



Tumun-ghar style="width: 240px; height: 250px;">

Location: Gharaf-fehem, 13.1S, 105.6W

Type: Private Instance

Resource: Khazad-tin, Khazad-copper

Mobs: Gredbyg

Description:  With lessons newly
learned, the Iron Garrison cautiously seeks a local supply
of ore within Moria to supplement their caravans. Within
the Redhorn Lodes, out of the sight of the Orcs, they have
discovered Tumun-ghâr. With high hopes, they delve into
this long abandoned mine, being always cautious not to
delve too deep.

Pretty much the same as above, but the tunnel is more twisted and
confusing, the mobs here are always gredbyg, and the nodes here
are Khazad-copper and Khazad-tin. This is not a horrible place for
farming a few precious Khazad-copper ores, but there is way too
much tin.



Sejer-tharakh style="width: 240px; height: 250px;">

Location: Mezer-serej, 7.2S, 104.7W

Type: Private Instance

Resource: Mallorn

Mobs: Goblins or Deep-claws &

Description:  A lumber storehouse
of repute, Sejer-tharâkh was also known to hold one of the
greatest libraries of trade-records in all of Moria. The
Iron Garrison seeks to reclaim the lost trade-records and
use that information to aid them in re-establishing
Khazad-dûm as a great merchant kingdom.

This instance spawns either goblins or deep-claws and cave-claws.
There is an enormous deep-claw slumbering way in the back in an
unreachable spot. You can see his spotted hide in the shadows, and
he emits an aura of +8 Dread, but that is the total extent of your
contact with this fearsome beast. The boss of the instance is a
more mundane 6k goblin or deep-claw. There are many mallorn nodes
in here.



Bult-kar style="width: 240px; height: 250px;">

Location: Mezer-serej, 7.2S, 104.8W

Type: Private Instance

Resource: Ilex

Mobs: Orcs, Goblins or Deep-claws and

Description:  Once one of the great
lumber storehouses of Moria, Bult-kâr has long since
fallen into the domain of Orc and beast. The Iron
Garrison, in need of supplies to fuel their reclamation
efforts, see Bult-kâr as a crucial location that must be
brought back into the control of the dwarves.

This dungeon is rich with ilex timber. It also has a decent
drop-rate for mid-level Third Age legendary items and Moria rep
items when orcs or goblins spawn in. When the beasts spawn in, you
can run up to the top without aggroing anything and kill the boss
right away. If it's orcs or goblins, you have to fight your way





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