Ghost Rider Arrives with Marvel Heroes Update 2.1: Siege

By Stacy Jones -

Marvel Heroes received a fresh infusion of new content just ahead of the holidays today with 2.1: Siege. But this update isnÂ’t aimed at festivities. In fact, itÂ’s all out war as Asgard comes under siege from Malekith and his dark army, adding a new zone engulfed in war where multiple groups of players can team up to take on Malekith. Additionally, the update includes a multi-stage fight against Loki in OdinÂ’s Throne Room, new story content, new powerful enemies, and the emergence of Ghost Rider as a playable character.

If all of that sounds like fun, be sure to check out the two trailers below and head over to the Marvel Heroes website or Steam page to start playing.

Source: Update 2.1: Siege

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