Mass Effect 3 Associate Producer Previews Gameplay and New Features

Associate Producer Michael Gamble talks about new features and how Mass Effect 3 differs from its predecessors.
Mass Effect 3 will officially be the end of Commander ShepardÂ’s epic journey and serve as the main event showdown between the BioWare hero and the Reapers. Associate Producer Michael Gamble recently spoke with X-PlayÂ’s Alex Sim-Wise about the final installment of Commander ShepardÂ’s saga and how it differs from the previous games.

While not committing to any solid plans for future Mass Effect games, Gamble did state that there are many stories that could be told, so while this marks the end of Commander ShepardÂ’s journey, the Mass Effect saga is likely to live on. After all, there is a Mass Effect movie and anime in the works and there have also been many rumors of a possible Mass Effect MMORPG at some point. Time will eventually reveal all its secrets.

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