Threat of the Conqueror, the seventh expansion to Star Wars Galaxies trading card game, will be launching in March and the new expansion introduce more than 200 new playable cards to the game. The new cards will feature unique keyword abilities that will grant specific bonuses to players. Click here to learn more about the latest expansion.

Scheduled for release this March, the seventh expansion to the successful Star Wars Galaxies™ Trading Card Game from LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) brings the ability to boost your light or dark side deck with all-new special-forces themed cards, as well as all- new Bith and Duros avatar race cards. Experience ten new story scenarios surrounding the Conqueror, the Empire’s massive, newly outfitted Star Destroyer capable of demolishing entire planets. Help the Alliance Renegade Squadron gather intelligence and locate the massive ship before it and its ferocious captain, Victor Strang, are unleashed. Or, take the side of the Emperor’s elite Storm Commandos as they work to crush the Rebel insurgence and ensure the maiden voyage of the Empire’s newest deadly weapon.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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