SOE Gamer Day '07 - A Star Wars Galaxies Update

At the recent Sony Online Entertainment Gamer Day held in New York, Ten Ton Hammer got a chance to talk to the Star Wars Galaxies team about upcoming changes to the game. If you're an avid SWG player, this year you can look forward to growth in the development team while SOE adds more content in an effort to reinvigorate SWG. Chapter 6 is a step in this direction and adds more content with two new game systems and additional quest-based PvE content.

Beast Master brings back the old Bio Engineer and Creature Handler professions as a single class, bringing a new and original class to the game. No longer a profession, this particular set of abilities will be an expertise and will allow anyone to incubate a pet in the privacy of their own home.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016