Yesterday we posted Aion’s latest trailer titled “Remember”, which had the community speculating as to what exactly the devs were teasing us with. Today we have an answer.

Aion: Ascension is coming this spring and it will be bringing the long-awaited 3.0 update with it, but that’s not all. Also attached to the update will be the new “Truly Free” option, the name NCsoft has given to its free-to-play model for games such as Lineage II and Aion in EU. With the new "Truly Free" model, players will receive access to the full game and both major expansions that will include more than 3,000 quests, over 30 instances, PvP games and much more. Along with "Truly Free", players will get the new 3.0 update that will introduce player housing, new mounts, a level cap boost to 60, new zones and more.

NCsoft will be holding a "Rallying the Troops" event to give players a chance to get an early start on prepping for the new content. This will include an extended no time limit trial with an increased level cap to 40. Returning veterans will have their accounts reactivated for 14 days and all players will enjoy the benefit of a permanent XP increase and other boosts to help get leveled up for the new content.

Check out the new video below and press release after the break. Visit the new Aion: Ascension page to learn more.

Aion: Ascension Debuts with Innovative Truly Free Business Model and Epic 3.0 Content Update

North American Players to experience full game features and 3.0 content free of charge this Spring

Seattle, WA - February 21, 2012 - NCsoft®, the world's premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), today announces Aion: Ascension, the Truly Free evolution of Aion, the award-winning fantasy MMO that rivals other MMOs with its stunning graphics, fierce PvP and customization. Aion: Ascension brings players unrestricted access to a world filled with deep lore, exploration and epic faction battles free of charge. Coupled with the change in business model coming this Spring, players will experience everything in the highly anticipated 3.0 content update, including housing, mounts, increased level cap (60), new zones and instances.

Aion : Ascension's Truly Free business model gives players access to the entire game, including the two major expansions, 3,000+ quests, 30+ instances, 18 zones, three instanced PvP games, pets, classes and key social features like the auction house, chat, trade, crafting, gathering and forums. And with new content from the 3.0 update, which provide several new gameplay systems that Aion fans have been asking for, Aion: Ascension will be one of the most compelling MMOs on the market.

Players experiencing the world of Atreia for the first time will be welcomed into the game with a refined starting area with ample content engaging players from the beginning of their journey with guides designed to assist their current efforts and advise them on where to go next. Returning and current players will not only be able to jump back into the game for free, but will find the new content coming in Aion 3.0 a great addition to the already strong offering.

For players wanting a head start, NCsoft is hosting a "Rallying the Troops" event which will give new players an extended no time limit trial with an increased level cap to 40, whilst returning veterans will have their accounts reactivated free for 14 days. In addition, everyone will enjoy permanent increased XP as well as other boosts to help level and gear up to experience the new content faster.

A sample of features of the Aion 3.0 content update include:

  • Housing System - Everyone gets a home. Decorate and party in your new home.
  • Mount System - A new gameplay system which lets Daevas speed around the world of Atreia in style.
  • New Instances - Six new instances including a challenging 24-player raid.
  • New Zones - Two stunning new zones in the Balaur homeland.
  • New Level Cap - Five new levels bringing the max level to 60.

In addition to the new business model and Aion 3.0 content, NCsoft will implement new RMT countermeasures to ensure a safe and secure gaming experience for all of its players. These highly effective, proprietary methods will specifically target fraudulent transactions, bots and spammers and the confiscation of goods that have been acquired through RMT activities so that players can experience a no hassle/no harassment MMO experience.

Aion: Ascension with the innovative and improved Truly Free business model along with the 3.0 content update is scheduled to launch later this Spring. More information can be found at

About NCsoft

NCsoft, headquartered in Seoul, Korea, is the world's premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games, including the critically acclaimed Aion®, Lineage®, Guild Wars®, and City of Heroes® franchises. Announced in August 2011, WildStar™ is the newest MMO being developed by internal team Carbine Studios. NCsoft West is a division of NCsoft that holds operating responsibilities for North America, Europe, South America, and Australia/New Zealand. More information can be found at

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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