Age of Conan update notes for the July 17 patch.

Dead weight to get XP! I'm always a big fan of getting experience points while I take a dirt nap. Following are a few notables from today's update:

"Dead team members will now get quest kill credit if they are within range."

There are a host of changes to the combos and a few of the classes. One change that I'm particularly fond of:

"Dismembering fatalities should now show appropriate visual effects."

One change that will upset the crew of the GFW podcast who apparently use tough love on their own guild members:

You will no longer be able to attack guild members on PvP servers."

The list of updates is substantial. For more of the PvP changes and a link to the full patch notes, head to the AoC Ten Ton Hammer Community Site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016