Check your ammo and prepare for a fight. APB: Reloaded has announced the official start date for open beta and there's sure to be a lot of Enforcers and Criminals waiting to shoot up the streets of San Paro. Open beta will officially kick off on May 18th, 2011, but invitations will begin to go out to applied players over the next two weeks leading up to the open beta and then to those that follow a few simple instructions.

However, between now and the Open Beta date (ie for the next two weeks), we will progressively permit access to MOST PEOPLE (17 or older in the US and 18 or older in the rest of the world) who do two things (1) creates (or already has) a GamersFirst Account with the appropriate info (see the link to the right of the blog) and then (2) submits his/her email (matching the G1 account) at the front of the APB page ( in the "Newsletter Signup Email form." This will let us slowly turn up "the heat" on our servers before going fully "open."

The blog also offers an update on the ongoing fight against cheaters, character restoration and the redemption of credits for players that helped test out in-game purchases.

Source: APB: Reloaded Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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