Blogs are everywhere these days, but how can you make yourself stand out? Simple, blog the story of your Tabula Rasa character and let NCsoft make you famous! A perfect chance for you roleplayers to dig in and show how good you are at what you do. The official announcement over on NCsoft's website had the following to say:

The AFS is recruiting all Soldiers with an aptitude for blogging to have their character bog listed on the “Soul of a Soldier” Blog Roll. All you have to do to get your character blog listed is to submit it using the Submit Your Fan Site link. Once you're there, just fill out the form and be sure to select the box for Blog/Specialty Site.

For your blog to be included on the Soul of a Soldier Blog Roll, it must be written completely IN CHARACTER and meet all other criteria listed on the fansite agreement.

Click away and enter and be sure to stop by our forums for discussion and news!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016