Star Trek Online's 12th edition of "Ask Cryptic" is up and ready to read! The players asked the questions and the dev team provided the answers for the entire community to enjoy. In this edition the STO devs cover ships, Klingons, and more!

Tamgros: How will partially damaged ships be handled in STO (ie: 1/2 hull dexterity)? Will it be like a typical MMO where everything works great until dexterity goes zero, or will you get debuffs/systems going off line?

Your ship and your items will not underperform as they get damaged. Your ship has hull integrity – or hull hit points – and your items, your subsystems, have durability. They’ll continue to work at full capacity until they’re destroyed. We don’t want to force people into a downward spiral in combat where you just keep getting worse and worse. Your shields get weaker, but performance doesn’t degrade until something goes offline.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016