Star Trek Online Executive Producer Dan Stahl checked in with the community this week to answer another round of questions in the latest "Ask Cryptic." Stahl fielded 31 questions from the community dealing with everything from refitting lower ship to weekly content to player created content, fleet action changes and much more. One feature Stahl mentions that should address the temporary fix to Fleet Actions is a new Fleet Action queue, which will be featured in the Season 4 content. This will allow players to create their own private Fleet instance to run with friends. Cryptic will also be looking into the level banding issue at that time to work out a way to allow players of various ranks to work together and receive fair rewards.

A major feature of Season 4 is the Fleet Actions queue (very similar to the current PVP Queue) which will not only allow Fleets to create private instances of Fleet Actions, but it will also allow players to visibly see what Fleet Actions are currently running, how many players are in them, at what levels, etc. At that time we'll also be looking into the level banding issue to ensure competition and rewards are fair, while allowing the maximum number of people to participate.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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