Cryptic confirms PvP in air as well as on land.

Cryptic has been free flowing with some great question and answer sessions through their "Ask Cryptic" program. This week, we find out how party rolls of typically MMOs translate into ship types:

[Question]Will ship roles be analogous to naval combat roles or will they be more like the party roles in other MMOs – will ships be cruisers or destroyers or they be tanks or healers?

[Cryptic] Federation ship classes are inspired by the television shows. So, for example, you could have a ship like the Enterprise, the Defiant or the Voyager. We call the different classifications of ships Cruisers, Escorts and Science Vessels.

There are additional questions about uniform and player customization, and we do find out that a staple of Star Trek 3-D Chess game will not make it at launch but is definitely on the priority list. But back to ships because that is what space war is all about, apparently Cryptic is going to make sure we have maximum access to all vessels:

[Question]Will our choice of ships be limited by our chosen specialty as captain? So, for example, Defiants and Akiras are usable only by tactical captains, Nova and Nebula for science, etc.?

[Cryptic] No, not at all. You can train and advance in any ship class, or even in multiple ship classes. Certainly your skills and abilities – and those of your Bridge Officers – will affect your ship in many ways, as will your ship modifications. So expect to see lots of permutations.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016