Characters can have a Klingon what again?

This week's Ask Cryptic about Star Trek Online runs the gambit of character racial features and whether or not players can be Romulans. The answer is “Not at launch” by the way, but they did unload some good information about how you can customize your characters:

In the Game Informer article it gives a description of the custom species creation process. It says you can take an Andorian - remove his antennae, give him reptile eyes (from the Gorn?), a Bajoran nose and Klingon head ridges. This process seems to rely on taking physical attributes from the pre-made species and combining them for something new. Are there other physical attributes available to use like beaks, tendrils, fur?

Cryptic's Answer:
You will both be able to “mix and match” the pieces of the “known” races as well as a vast library of other new pieces in order to come up with something truly unique. Fully expect us to stick to the Cryptic tradition of providing unmatched customizability and depth of variety in what you’ll see in the creator!

We also learn this week that the ship controls are not just point and click, we will be actively flying the ships. There is also a question of characters changing factions like “Worf” but that won't be allowed at launch. To read the rest, go to Star Trek Online.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016