Friday Feedback is up and the preview we have this week covers a number of changes coming our way. First is a return to the beta experience modifier which is significantly more than what is in place now. The only stipulation is there is a level cap. Also being added are audio messages to indicate things like full inventory, unusable abilities, and invalid target.

Group XP Bonus

Group experience bonuses are not a new feature in Tabula Rasa, but we currently do not have an indicator to show when those bonuses are active and what they actually are. This will change in 1.6.

Group bonuses work as follows:

XP for each kill is divided by group size

XP is then increased based on group size:

* 2 members: +84%
* 3 members: +154%
* 4 members: +204%
* 5 members: + 240%
* 6 members: +260%

All group members in range receive the XP for the kill.

Read on for more changes at the Official Site and be sure to stop by our forums to discuss this further.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016