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From the standpoint of the community, nothing hits harder than having
classes or features in the gameplay that were established by the
developers suddenly ripped from your grasp. You base all of your
initial gameplay ideas around a certain class, and that class is your
basis in the world. As a player of MMORPGs, almost everyone that the
Ten Ton Hammer staff has talked to has been there. Today's press event
was a hard blow to the general player community, but the general
opinion - both from the press and the Funcom side - is that all these
particular changes were necessary to make Age of Conan as splendid
game. So please read on before you make your final judgements on the
reduced class list, possibility of prestige classes dissipated, and the
new "M" rating by the ESRB.

The "class guru" Evan Michaels (who has also done a
fair number of our
class interviews) answered the question with his official statements.
To paraphrase, the Lich's abilities are going to be integrated into the
Necromancer's feat and spell list, and the Scion of Set is going to
become part of the newest class in the game - the Tempest of Set. For
those of you keeping track, this was the Stormcaller/Druid of the Storm
class that has gone through a number of different incarnations in its
relatively short life span.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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