Bungie fans that have been hoping for the Halo developer to create an MMOG might have gotten their hopes up after David Aldridge's presentation at GDC 2011.

But those hopes were quickly dashed this week when a Bungie representative admitted that it was all a misunderstood joke.

Earlier last month rumors surfaced that Bungie was developing an MMOG for Activision called Destiny. Those rumors were believed to be confirmed following Bungie lead network engineer David Aldridge's GDC 2011 presentation titled "I Shot You First: Networking the Gameplay of Halo: Reach". But a Bungie representative confirmed on the developer's official website that this was an intended joke that nobody got, aimed at riffing on the recent rumors.

Now, in rehearsal Aldridge was convinced that everybody got the joke. It was all in the delivery, he assured us, and he was certain it was clear that he was playfully riffing off of the recent rumors. Unfortunately, most people can’t figure David out – they can’t process him. And we don’t expect them to. You can’t process David Aldridge with a normal brain. You’d need tiger blood and Adonis DNA.

This is sad news for Bungie fans that have been hoping for an MMOG from the developer. Despite the announcement, there are likely several gamers still not laughing.

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Sources: Bungie website, Digital Spy

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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