Happy Dance Ensues

Samera has given us a reason to smile. Shopping carts and item locks
will be new features in Module 3: The Demon Sands:

Shopping Carts

The days of accidentally buying or selling an item you didn't want are
gone forever! Shopping carts will provide you a way to double check
that you are buying and selling the intended items. This will eliminate
quickly double-clicking on items to buy/sell and getting or selling the
wrong thing because the inventory shifted. Also, items that cannot be
sold (collectables and locked items) will no longer appear in the sell
window, so if you want to do a bulk "add all" you will only add those
items that can be sold and haven’t been protected. See below for a
screenshot of the new shopping cart.

Item-Lock Down

We are thrilled to introduce the "lock" button! Located on your
inventory panel, this new button can be used to quickly secure (and
un-secure) your items. When you secure an item a small lock will appear
in the lower left-corner of the item’s icon. A locked item cannot be
sold, traded, or dropped (destroyed) by the player. Please note:
secured items can still be destroyed through normal use (i.e., using a
scroll), and by wear. Please see below for a screenshot depicting the
new Lock button.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016