Now with 25% Less Dead!

Change is good. Now dying won't hurt as much as it used to (especially
for Clerics):

We have completed our initial evaluation of the death
penalty system
and are in the process of making some changes. The first change we made
was to increase the amount of experience you regain by using a
Resurrection Shrine from 25% to 50% to match the amount granted by
using the Raise Dead Spell. This change is already live and helps
ensure that Clerics (and characters with high Use Magic Device skill
that use Raise Dead scrolls on the rest of the party) will no longer
suffer the worst death penalties of any class.

For the next update we are adjusting the curve that defines the death
penalty. You should see a much smoother progression from now on, and
there shouldn't be any radical jumps in the death penalty as you level.
You will notice that the death penalty for levels 11 and 12 have
dropped significantly. We have also adjusted/lowered the rate for
multiple deaths. You will find lower death penalties across the board –
releasing will no longer be devastating to your XP bar.

We are also investigating another change – when a character is inactive
their death penalty will slowly fade away. Casual players and players
with multiple characters they like to play are likely to gain the most
benefit from this change, and a single bad night will not cripple a
character’s advancement.

I agree with community member Dane McArdy who had this to say:

Ok, that
complaint is dead.

Lets move onto the next one.

Bards need to have thier sexiness increased ten fold!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016