In the grand scheme of things, there really aren’t enough MMOs that offer any kind of veteran or loyalty program. And to be honest, I’m a far bigger fan of veteran perks than I am of achievement systems since the latter tends to be little more than a checklist of menial tasks with no additional rewards for completion. Considering that time is the most valuable currency on the planet, rewarding players for investing it in your game is always a smart idea.

WildStar will be introducing something similar to a traditional veteran rewards program with Cosmic Rewards. In this case, the system is geared slightly more towards being a loyalty system based on other forms of investment in the game rather than a raw assessment of days your account has been active. We’ve seen bits and pieces of this concept sprinkled through a handful of titles over the years. EverQuest II veteran status is a combination of days your account has been active, with boosts given for each expansion purchase, for example.

WildStar will be pushing this concept much further with Cosmic Rewards, accounting for a much wider variety of methods for supporting the game. The system also features a nifty idea known as Cosmic Tiers – not to be confused with Cosmic Tears which are formed when galactic beings of immense power trip and burn their face on a supernova. Instead, Cosmic Tiers represent levels within the system that provide greater rewards as you go along.

The good news for current players is that the system will be retroactive, so you will already have earned some Cosmic Points without even knowing they existed! Huzzah!

Cosmic Points only come in one flavor, but from what we’ve heard it’s a good one. So less anchovy and more like cookie dough. And how do you earn yourself some of this delicious cookie dough? By spending dough on WildStar, of course. Points are earned in a number of ways including redeeming a WildStar product code, making a purchase on the WildStar website, purchasing or redeeming C.R.E.D.D., or spending NCoin in the WildStar in-game store after the free-to-play launch.

If you’ve been following the development of Blade & Soul for the North American launch, then this concept will no doubt sound very familiar. If you haven’t been keeping up to date on B&S, you really should be. If not, then consider it an instant minus 50 DKP!

For more info on Cosmic Rewards, ride your great space coaster over to the official WildStar website, where you can see a sample of some of the prize tiers and rewards players will be able to earn in the new system.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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