Risia is now testing Dragonmarks!

Dragonmarks and revamps of Tangleroot and other locations now on Risia server for testing!

Current Risia Info - May 7th, 2007

As of today we have uploaded an early version of Update 4.1 to preview.
We have created a variety of targeted feedback threads for you to post
in. Bugs should be reported either in-game or here.

Highlights of this update include:

    * Dragonmarks

    * Spell/Spell Point revamp

    * the evasion change

    * New Enhancements

    * Updatred friendslist

    * new content

To hear an in-depth interview on some of these changes be sure to tune
in to this Saturday's DDOCast.

* * *

We last combined all of the servers onto Risia December 9th 2006, so
any character you created before 12/9/06 should be on Risia for you to
play. You can also create a new character on Risia if you chose.

Unfortunately we did have a small implementation issue as we were
transferring over all of the characters: some guild data did not
survive the jump. You will be able to create a new guild, but your old
guild will not exist. In addition, players from Xoriat, Mabar, Sarlona,
Fernia, and Lhaazar will be missing their Friends Lists.

Playing on Risia requires the installation of a second DDO client. If
you have played on Risia before you will be able to simply patch up for
the latest version. Click here for the Knowledge Base article with
download instructions and other very important information.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016