Elhavius has given us a special Christmas treat on the Official Dark and Light website in the way of profiles for both Juggernauths and Runners.

Juggernauths are among the creatures who gave Dragoon his worst nightmares when he decided to invade the kingdom of Aesir. These were the demon generals’ mounts, as well as contact and support troops in Daemonia’s army. It is said she used to mount the largest Juggernauth of all times, so large that even Diplood is rumored to have turned green with envy.

You can read the rest on Juggernauths Here

Created during the first series of Elytra’s experiments, Runners had the inconvenient of being stoppable by enemy troops despite their high speed. Then, they were left aside and ’flyers’, fast and almost invisible, were used instead. Once left alone, Runners quickly learned to use the sand they were shaking when running, in order to make potential hunters believe a storm was coming.

The rest of the Runners profile is here.

Frankly I think that they should send these beasts after the hackers that have plagued SOG since they opened.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016