A Public Service Announcement

Community Relations Specialist Samera would like to remind everyone how
to keep their accounts safe:

Keeping your account information private is vital to
ensuring nobody
else gets access to your account and damages any of your characters or
accomplishments. We’d like to remind you to not download and use any
application with DDO not approved by Turbine. Many of these programs
will claim to provide enhancements, shortcuts, and a variety of other
promises while in reality they are designed to steal your account login
information. Installing one of these programs can lead to your account
being hacked. Likewise some people will attempt to steal your account
information by sending you a file in e-mail such as an .exe file. It is
important to note that Turbine does not send these types of files
through e-mail. Instead we will direct you to a download page hosted on
one of our websites if we need you to install a program.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016