A. Nonymous Tells All

Today we've got a journal for you from one of the people playing on the
Mournlands preview server:

Needless to say we have been reviewing
Turbine's changes to the Titan and Velah encounters and feeding the
developers with our frank and honest views, as well as passing on those
being expressed on the European forums.

We have been continuing to go through the first part of Litany of the
Dead, a dungeon chain for levels 5 and 6. As announced, this comprises
four dungeons, three of which can be done in any order; however,
successful completion of all three is required to earn your place in
the grand finale in the Bloody Crypt where you will face lots of undead
and a dreaded vampire. Only the brave need enter. My ventures through
it both as a medium level character and a level 10 have revealed that
there are very few bugs left (that's tempting fate). I hope everyone
enjoys this atmospheric first part of an epic dungeon chain.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016