Eurpoean DDO Server Merge

DDO Europe will be merging some servers!

Dec 21st 2006, 12:00 GMT

The DDO server merge

DDO news

We have some very important news for our players regarding the merging
of the DDO servers.

Several of our players have asked for a server merge, particularly for
our lower-population servers where finding a group can be more
challenging. Couple this with new, increased capacity for concurrent
users per server and we are now able to implement this for you!

Here's what we plan to do:

New Server Configuration

We'll eventually be merging our five current servers down into two new
servers to be called "Keeper" and "Devourer". (Another two deities from
the D&D® universe!)

However, before we get to that stage we will first launch a public test
server to ensure the merge system is working properly before committing
to the final merge.

In the third week of December, we'll see our public test server go
live. (Please note that the public test server may not be available at
all times). This server will have a clone of ALL of your characters
copied onto it. This means that you can hop onto it and play any of
your current live characters in the newly merged test world. Aureon,
Boldrei, Dorn, Lyrandar and Onatar will still be available to play on
as normal and will not be affected by the addition of the public test

This public test server will remain live for around one month whilst we
thoroughly test it. When we are satisfied that all is operating
correctly we will then bring down the public test server and completely
wipe it ready for the launch of the two brand new merged servers:
Devourer and Keeper.

Important: Any progress or changes you make whilst playing on the test
server will be lost forever once the test server is brought down and
wiped. Any changes or progress made on the five live servers during
this time will be kept and transferred to the new, merged servers in

When we complete the final merge into the two new servers, all players
will have ALL of their characters from all servers copied onto both
Devourer and Keeper. Yes, that means that you will have duplicate
characters on both new worlds! We chose to do it this way so that
everyone could choose where they wanted to stay. Players are free to
keep or delete their characters after the merge. Please note though
that once you have deleted your characters you will be unable to get
them back!

What about all my characters? I've got over 20!

The good news is that all your characters will come with you to the new
servers. If for example you have 3 characters on Aureon, 5 characters
on Boldrei, and 2 characters on Dorn, after the servers are merged you
will have 10 characters. You will NOT be able to create any new
characters though until some characters are deleted and you are below
the maximum character limit of 5, (6 if the Drow is unlocked).

But what about my character name, will I be able to keep it on the new

If you are moved to a server where there are no characters with your
name then you will keep your name. If your character is moved to a
server where a character has already taken your name then your
character will have the appendix – placed after their name. So for
example, if your character's name is Bob and you are moved from Dorn to
Devourer and there is already a character named Bob there, your new
name on Devourer will be automatically renamed to "Bob-Dorn".

Please note that if your character has a surname then they will be
renamed like this: Bob-Dorn The Great. Any character that has been
renamed during a shard merge is given one re-name credit so that you
may choose something better/different.

(Instructions on how to rename your characters will be posted to the
forums and website in the near future).

What about guild names?

In the same way as with individual characters, guild names will also
have the server name appended to the end of their name if they are
moved to a server where the guild name is already taken. For example,
if a guild called The Koboldkillers from the Onatar server gets
transferred to Keeper, their name will become The Koboldkillers Onatar
on the Keeper server. Guilds that have had their name changed however
will not be awarded rename tokens.

Will I lose my friends list?

No, you won't! Friends lists will come with your characters, however,
if you or one of your friends changes your name to something other than
than what you were transferred to the new server with, you will lose
your friends list.

What will happen with auctions?

After the server merge, open auctions from the old servers will be
closed and items will be returned to the posters. Items are not lost
and simply are returned to the posters through the mail system as if
the auction has expired.

We've done everything to plan the merge to make it as smooth a
transition as possible. We've given all players the maximum options to
keep their characters, to be on the world that they want to be on and
to keep their names. We are sure that as a result, the grouping and
whole game experience will improve for everyone!

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