You will be missed, sir.

From the DDO forums, it looks like players on the Sarlona server held an in-game memorial in honor of the late Gary Gygax.

I had nothing to do with organization of the event, and I'm sure better images will be forthcoming. But I was there, and strangely, it helped. Yes it was a digital memorial, inside a video game, but still, it helped. Maybe seeing it will help you too.

There wasn't a lot of notice and there wasn't a lot of publicity but word still spread. The service began in the Temple of the Sovereign Host. Words were read from Gygax's bio and there was a (long) moment of silence. One of my guildies played "Amazing Grace" over our voice chat... it was a very good choice.

See some screens and read more at the official forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016