Risia open for the Thanksgiving Weekend

The official site for Dungeons and Dragons Online has been updated with a notice that they will be opening a test server over the Thanksgiving weekend to let more players offer input and feedback on the upcoming content.

As a special treat for the Thanksgiving holiday we are bringing up the Risia Server to give you a chance to play and give feedback on the new dungeons we are adding in the "Evil Resurgent" update. We are using the same servers and character data that we used last time Risia was up, therefore we are giving out 10x the normal XP rate to help get you up and running on the Risia server faster. As a reminder, the servers that had character data copied to Risia last time were: Adar, Aerenal, Argonnessen, Aundair, Fernia, Ghallanda, Kyber, and Lhazaar, and the characters were copied at the beginning of October. Don't worry if your server isn't on this list or if your character has gained levels since the data was copied – the XP bonus will help you catch up in no time!

Get clicking to read the rest of the details. Have you tried this content out? Share your thoughts with us in the Ten Ton Hammer Forums today.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016