style="font-style: italic;">Dungeons and Dragons

is continuing their summer sale in the style="font-style: italic;">DDO
Store. From now until July 28th, there’s a special deal each
day. The discounts range from 25% to 75% off the normal prices. You can
purchase the daily special from 12am until 3am the following day. For
more details, click href="">here.
The specials for the week are:

  • Today: Half-Orc 25% off
  • Saturday: Shared Bank
    – 30% off
  • Sunday: XP Boosts
    – 25% off
  • Monday: Character Bank
    – 30% off
  • Tuesday: Tomes of Dexterity
    – 30 % off
  • Wednesday: Airship Amenities
    – 75% off
  • Thursday: Ingredient Bags
    – 25% off

Looks like I'll be stocking up my guild's airship in the middle of the

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016