"Hmm. We need enemies. Ooh, fire and drow. Yeah, those are solid, underused themes for bad guys."

Turbine has released the patch notes for their Update 4.2: Searing Heights.

In the past month, sightings near the Searing Heights volcano of a mysterious drow tribe have increased tenfold. While their intent is still unknown, many of the Marketplace's residents have been victims of sleepless nights, kept awake by tribal chanting and thunderous drums. Those who have seen members of this tribe, report their face covered with distinctive markings. Scholars say these facial tattoos are unique to the long extinct Sulatar tribe, territorial dark elves that have an unnatural infatuation with all things flame and fire. One can only wonder what secrets are to be found within the depths of Searing Height's slumbering volcano.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016