Just over a year ago, Diablo III officially launched, bringing the third installment of the popular action RPG series from Blizzard Entertainment to fans nearly a decade after the last game. Countless fans lined up and anxiously pre-ordered their copies to be ready for launch day. And as the servers opened and the final patching finished, millions of voices cried out at once as the servers promptly choked on the massive load of players trying to log in and led to the now notorious Error 37, which ended their endeavors of many trying to connect to servers at that ill-fated time. But such was the case with the decision to make the game have an always-online requirement.

Last week Diablo III celebrated its first anniversary, and fans were fortunate enough not to have to suffer an anniversary visit from our old Error 37 friend, but they were fortunate enough to be given a boost to XP and Magic Find to celebrate the occasion. This week Blizzard also took some time to reflect on Diablo III’s first year and provide a few statistics for the game. Love it or hate it, the numbers do point to another success for Blizzard. Just a few of the items in the new infographic include 14.5 million unique players, an average of around 2.1 million players daily since launch with a peak of 5.8 million, 67.1 million created characters, 3.3 trillion monsters killed, and a lot more.

Check out the image below for the full list of statistics and visit the Diablo III website for more.

Source: Diablo III Infographic

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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