As Napoleon Dynamite would say... "Luckiieee!"
has a link to Yahoo Games.
Doesn't sound very impressive but they are featuring a preview of Dungeons and
Dragons Online: Stormreach!

Yahoo Games' Chris Hudak takes a look at Turbine's forthcoming sure-to-be-a-blockbuster
title, Dungeons and Dragons Online.

The last thing Turbine (and their inspirational partners, Wizards of the Coast)
wanted to do was to give the gaming world yet another generic, aimless, newbie-snubbing,
player-griefing, stat-grinding MMORPG and stuff it into a vaguely D&D-ish
skin. Lead designer Ken Troop likened the experience of MMORPG grief to having
a gaggle of jerks barge into a tabletop D&D session, bellowing profanity
and scattering the group's dice and figures.

No, the goal was always to give PC gamers a game that truly emulates the
imaginative, transporting experience of the classic pen-and-paper RPG, complete
with personality-rich locales, carefully balanced party-based adventure/combat,
and a meaningful story. Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, takes some
promising, heroic strides down that noble, if nerdy, road.

Based on the 3.5 Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules (and set in the Wizards
of the Coast campaign fantasy realm of Eberron), Stormreach is rooted in party-based
exploration, in the vein of Guild Wars. It also aims to streamline the sometimes
alienating experience of the first-time D&Der.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016