It looks like the Taurens have over-run Dark and Light! Ok they're not called Taurens, they're not called anything except described as Half Human Half Bull. *cough* Tauren *cough*.

Type, Characteristics :
Mythical creature mainly linked to Calder.
Viviparous, but females are virtually non-existent.
As tall as 2 or 3 men.

It is very rare to find them in a natural state, they are often captives and given their attitude, it can’t be bad.

History and Attitude:
According to ancient legends, these creatures are the result of an unfortunate experiment by a group of Dark Elves that were enemies of Calder.

A long time ago, before Gothar offered religious independence, the Dark Elvish folk were hiding in dark caves, forced to exile by the other races because of their practising destructive magic. Faithful to their father, Calder, they were patiently waiting for the moment when they could exert their revenge on

There is also the Sentidras. They look like giant sting rays. Quite beautiful actually.

History and Attitude:
These creatures are often considered by fishermen like messengers of Hydra and respect them for that. There are countless legends on how the Sentidra answered the prayers preceding the fishing itself and came to them to lead them to the most populated fishing areas.

Other legends are less joyful and tell that entire fishermen villages have been destroyed by armies of furious Sentidras that ran after them until they reached their lands.

Even if the people living near the shores are always fearing for the kind of message the Sentidras bring them, they always treat them with respect.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016