Looks like a little mini dev journal here. What it is though is a list of what the current priorities are for the Dark and Light dev team.

Current development priorities:

Craft :

# The lists of ingredients for recipes are being finalized,
# Workshops are being built in every kingdom.
The land:

# Balancing of the zoning in Ganareth in order to organize the domains into a leveled hierarchy.
# Creation of three key maps to make living in Ganareth easier:
# a player density map that will allow you to locate the populated zones easily,
# a political map of kingdoms, duchies, counties and baronies to allow people to identify the alignment of every domain,
# a map of the mana towers’ influences, for a better knowledge of the zones of influence of every tower.
Placement of new cities in the kingdoms opened in Dark and Light (the Dark and the Light kingdoms, amongst others).

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016