GamersFirst isn’t playing around when it comes to cheaters in APB: Reloaded.  The crew has implemented a lot of cheat detection systems in the game and has already banned several players that took part in a hack from several known cheat sites. But the devs are willing to offer cheaters that got caught a second chance to enjoy APB: Reloaded before some new features go in that will ensure future cheaters can “never return” to APB: Reloaded.

In a recent blog, GamersFirst COO/CTO Bjorn Book-Larsson informed players that were caught cheating that they have one final chance to return to the game and play fair. But the banned accounts of said cheaters are pretty much gone forever. He urged remorseful cheaters to clean out their computers of any cheating software, create a new account and continue to play as the next few updates are applied. If they keep their noses clean, GamersFirst “may” allow them to keep playing on that account.

Book-Larsson also posted a few screenshots from some of the hacker sites in question and added some interesting statistics about the banned accounts. Nearly 50% of the offending accounts were paid; some with over 1500 hours of gameplay time and many had spent a lot of money on premium game items. After delving more into the numbers, Book-Larsson asks those APB: Reloaded players a very good question:

So - for those of you out there will to pay a farg-ing $30 PER MONTH for a cheat - AND as much for items in APB - WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? AND - why on earth do you support the cheat makers to begin with. THEY are the ones that just cost you a boat-load of money, time and effort.

What do you think? Should cheaters be given a second chance or is one time too many? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Source: APB: Reloaded Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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