Don't let Penny Arcade dissuade you. Go check it out.

It's official! Module 6 for Dungeons and Dragons Online has gone live.

# The Level Cap has increased to 16!
# Player characters that have been rendered unconscious but have stabilized will slowly regenerate health until they wake up at one hit point. Warforged auto-stabilize and repair to one hit point after one minute of remaining inert. Humanoid characters will regenerate at a rate of one hit point every six seconds, starting thirty seconds after stabilization.
# You can now use the command “/resloc” to find out where you will resurrect when you die.
# Favored Enemy: Orc can now be taken during character generation by rangers.
# Fixed an issue where other player's movement may appear to stutter
# You will now be notified when a player picks up your soulstone with a message and alert: "Your soulstone has been picked up by ."
# Torel the Wizard can no longer sit and spin while using rest shrines.

See all the changes in Module 6 at the official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016