Get the French Experience!

Empire of Sports releases information on the addition of new in-game city experience

Thursday 19th June/... Empire of Sports, the world’s first virtual world of sport, today announced its continental new addition in the form of a French city environment. F4, the developers of Empire of Sports have added a new playable environment offering players the rustic charm of French cities with tiny cobbled streets and sophisticated chic architecture. This is in addition to the current city - Britain - making the meeting places and cultural hubs within the game realistic for this incredible sporting world.

The cities within Empire of Sports serve as a central meeting place, in which players can meet up to socialise before and after sporting events as well as to challenge each other to various sporting activities such as tennis, basketball, athletics and skiing. France will serve as the focal point for French-speaking players to gather and communicate in their native language, while the UK will remain as the home of English-speaking athletes within the Empire.

To participate in the private phase or for more information, please visit Empire of Sports.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016