Tennis anyone?

Number one world tennis star, Justine Henin takes aim at an exclusive in-game tennis experience.

Thursday 5th June/...Justin Hénin, who has been the world’s number one female tennis player since 2006, and held the title of Worldwide Female Athlete of the Year 2007, has recently announced her retirement from real life tennis tournaments and is now enbarking on an exciting new partnership with Empire of Sports, the first massively multiplayer online sports world.

Hénin and her long time coach, Carlos Rodriguez, have put their likenesses into Empire of Sports, through NPCs (Non Player Characters) who will offer players tennis-based missions and teach some advanced tennis techniques – techniques that will be useful in the game as well as in real life.

As the Ambassador of UNESCO, Justine is dedicated to helping young people, both through her international tennis Academy “6th Sense”, and now through Empire of Sports. The world number one believes that both the academy and Empire of Sports present youngsters arenas not only to better their tennis skills but to encourage sportsmanship and positive outlooks for life.

Hénin believes that the “amazing role-playing features of Empire of Sports” will help lead children to act more responsibly and also to take part in real life tennis and also suggests that Empire of Sports could be a great game to encourage gamers to get out and play some real tennis too.

One of the elite gameplay features of Empire of Sports is the model of the human body mechanism, based on the real physiological workings of a human body. This allows gamers to grow the muscles and hone the techniques of their avatar by playing and practicing an array of sports. This model will also teach the gamers to carefully watch their water and energy resources, as well as the fatigue of their avatar and its heart rate. Players who don’t pace their avatar experience “painful” cramps or physical exhaustion. This realistic model will encourage healthy competition as well as showing the true positive effects of playing sports.

Tennis is one of the seven sports that have been currently announced in the massively multiplayer online world of Empire of Sports, along with football, skiing, basketball, bobsleigh, athletics and training.

The game is currently in a “Private Launch” phase. Gamers wanting to join the online community can apply to become one of its VIPs (Very Important Player), through the game’s website.

For more details, please visit Empire of Sports.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016