EVE Online is a game that requires players to cooperate to form corporations and powerful alliances, but it can allow for the more subtle arts of spying, theft and espionage, something that could in most other MMOGs result in banishment from the game. In EVE, however, it can be an expected part of the game and there have certainly been more than a few scams in the game's past. The latest big theft to come to New Eden occurred recently when Bad Bobby of Titans 4 U concluded a scheme set in motion years ago, scamming investors out of more than $45,000 worth of ISK in one massive investment scheme.

The original business plan saw the purchase of several blueprints totaling over 60 billion ISK each, which were then locked away in an alt's corporate hanger. Initially, trustees had the power to recover the assets so long as Bobby didn't control over 50% of the shares, but thanks to some crafty maneuvering, Bobby convinced the trustees to add more shares, a vote I'm sure that most of them wish they had not gone along with now. Since it passed, Bobby was able to acquire over 50% of the shares. At that time, he booted the other directors from the corp. and stole the entirety of the company's assets.

As expected there is outrage and praise for the scheme. It was certainly a big one, but Bobby already has his sight set on his next venture. So investors beware.

(Via Massively)

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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