The developers of href="">EverQuest 2
have put together the latest update for the live game, largely aimed at
addressing specific issues that the community has been most vocal
about.  And no, by "most vocal" it doesn't mean they've
to get rid of the Station

Holidays From the Dev Team!

Because of all the great feedback that we’ve received from
you, our community, the team has fixed some of the issues that you were
most vocal about.

As a special gift from the developers to you...

- The master scroll drop rate in Desert of Flames has been increased to
more closely match those of the rest of the game.

- The twin dragons in the Pedestal of Sky now drop 3 pieces of fabled

- Godking Anuk now drops 3 pieces of fabled armor.  


- When clearing a filter your last scroll location will be restored.

To read the full list of updates, head on over to the href="">EQ2
Players site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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