Fine-toothed Comb

Community Relations Manager, Sporkfire, clarified Turbine's stance on
in-game farming for real world money which you can read [ href="">HERE].
It seems the first statement came
across as vague and many players had questions. Sporkfire had this to

I've talked with Customer Service on this topic, and so I
can answer a
number of the questions. The main reason they wanted to post that
message was because they had been questioned frequently about whether
or not they took this activity seriously and what they did about it.

It seems that most of it was spelled out to specify that this was only
with regard to items farmed for sale in the real world. It has nothing
to do with somebody simply repeating a quest over and over for rewards.
So, we have edited the list of what CS is taking action on:

  • Advertising the sale of in-game content for real-world currency

  • Actively farming in-game content to sell
    real-world currency
  • Purchasing in-game content for real-world currency
  • Using 3rd party programs to assist in power-leveling or in
    automating the farming of gold or in-game content

Note that the line in orange has been updated to specify real world
currency. I also want to make sure you know CS is very careful in
making the determination of what is farming for real-world sales, and
what is farming just for in-game loot. CS investigates every farming
report, including a review of the account information to find ties to
known auction sites. They will only take action if they can prove a
connection. If you are just a regular joe, you're safe.

Customer Service has been very active in patrolling for farming items
for real-world sale for quite a while. They have yet to accidentally
ban anyone who was not actually farming for this purpose. Many of us
here in the company, including us in Community, the Dev Team and QA,
have grilled them to explain their procedures and we feel confident
that regular customers won't be caught in the net.

Hope this makes you feel better. The message shouldn't be to be afraid.
It should be that we take real-currency sales very seriously and are
working to protect our game and your enjoyment from them.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016