And the Jester Cometh
After a slight delay, it appears the Festival Jester is arriving, bringing a collection of interesting things to trade for festival coins... hope you collected them!

The Festival Jester Arrives
Originally Posted by Sir Lawrence d’Deneith
The Coin Lords have scattered Festival Coins across Stormreach and Xen'drik to celebrate Festival!

Festival is a new holiday commissioned by the Coin Lords of Stormreach. Since ancient times, the folk of Eberron have observed Long Shadows during these chill weeks -- a grim season when the power of the Shadow, god of the Dark Six, is at its strongest. Dire magic gathers in dusky corners, and evil stalks the night in a thousand guises. The Coin Lords have determined that the terror of Long Shadows must end! To this end, they devised Festival, a celebration to drive evil out of the city. Instead of cowering from the Shadow, citizens are encouraged to exchange gifts with their adventuring partners and loved ones. And by slaying the monsters who threaten the city's well-being, they may collect Festival Coins to demonstrate their dauntless spirit in the face of Long Shadows and the Dark Six!

If you are bold enough to collect any Festival Coins, look for the Jester of Festival, a disguised "friend of the Coin Lords." Nobody knows the true name of this fellow, but he can easily be identified by his colorful garb and dwarven stature. He will exchange Festival Coins for gifts from House Ghallanda and House Cannith, crafted especially for the season. These treasures can be found nowhere else, so do not miss your chance to acquire them!

From the Coin Lords, the dragonmarked Houses and all of Stormreach, we wish you a Happy Festival and a profitable new year!

Sincerely, Sir Lawrence d’Deneith

During the holiday season every treasure chest has a chance of dropping Festival Coins in addition to the usual treasure! There are three types of coins: copper, silver, and gold. If you collect enough festival coins, bring them to the Festival Jester, a surly looking dwarf NPC, and he will give you a random gift from his festival bag of holding!

Three Copper Festival Coins gives you a chance to get:

* A Lamannia, the Twilight Forest Jelly Cake
* A Syrania, the Azure Sky Jelly Cake
* A Thelanis, the Faerie Court Jelly Cake
* A Velah, the Red Dragon Gingerbread Cookie
* A Queen Lailat, the Marilith Gingerbread Cookie
* A Warforged Titan Gingerbread Cookie
* A Lump of Coal

Two Silver Festival Coins gives you a chance to get:

* A Daanvi, the perfect Order Jelly cake
* A Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams Jelly Cake
* A Dolurrh, the Realm of the Dead Jelly Cake
* A Shavarath, the Battleground Jelly Cake
* A Xoriat, the Realm of Madness Jelly Cake
* A Mabar, the Endless Night Jelly Cake
* A Beholder Gingerbread Cookie
* A Candy Cane Wand

One Gold Festival Coin gives you the chance to get:

* An Irian, the Eternal Day Jelly Cake
* A Kythri, the Churning Chaos Jelly Cake
* A Fernia, the Sea of Fire Jelly Cake
* A Risia, the Plane of Ice Jelly cake

There is a very small chance that the Festival Jester will give you an exceptional gift when you give him one Gold Festival Coin, but what those might be you'll just have to wait and see. Each gift does something special and we think you will love what our artificers and cooks have crafted for you this Festival Season!

Now, you may be wondering where the Jester can be found in Stormreach? You can find him near the main gate of each of the House ward as well as in the Marketplace and the Harbor. If you don't find him in one place, don't despair. He periodically will move around the city, or take a quick break and then come back.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for special items appearing in random places throughout the world. You never know when you might come across something fun! To give you a hint: use the backspace key to search because these items won’t appear in the middle of the street.

Turbine would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and we hope you have fun with this event!
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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016