It's been a long five years but the Iconian War is coming to a close in Star Trek Online. While full details of the upcoming chapter are not released, this has been shown to us so far:

New Dawn will rise out of the grim wartime tale to introduce an all-new story focused on rebuilding and hope. Discover a previously unknown civilization and uncover the mystery of a strange traveler from another time. New Dawn also sees the return of Chase Masterson reprising her role as Mirror Leeta from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, a returning member from the large stable of Star Trek franchise actors.

Along with new lore and story progression in Season 11, Star Trek Online will also be updated with new gameplay options in the form of the Admiralty System. Take command of your inactive starships to complete dangerous assignments and gather exciting rewards, while advancing your influence in the Admiralty campaigns. Within this system, each starship is given special traits and stats that must be used to successfully complete assignments. Plan carefully which ships are sent on which assignment in order to meet their requirements and offset various hazards, in an effort to yield great rewards across any of three separate campaigns.

Season 11 officially concludes the Iconian War and puts in motion the next story arc in the game. You'll also have the ability to send your inactive ships out on missions, however, it's not known if this is like sending crewmates out on missions or if it's a system like in other Star Trek games. Rumor has it that the upcoming story will be about the mirror universe invading, considering Mirror Leeta is mentioned in the post above, but details of that aren't known yet so we'll just have to wait and see.

I'm pretty excited. Five years of Star Trek Online and for Star Trek fans this is a big deal, considering STO is basically the only new source of official Trek goodness without a new T.V. show airing.

You can read the limited details here at this post.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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