The best part of waking up is Flyff in your cup. Or something.

Gala-net's MMOG Flyff just announced that the open beta for the newest version of their game, Version 11, has begun.

Flyff Version 11, "The Awakening", revisits many elements from previous versions of Flyff in addition to implementing a wealth of exciting new content. Some elements from Flyff's past that veteran players will quickly remember and gravitate towards are the reinstatement of the PVP System and Guild Siege. Players can finally determine who is truly the best of the best. Some of the content new to V11 includes the Collector System, Item Awakening, a new continent, and many subtle and obvious modifications to the world of Madrigal. The new collecting system will attract both players with “collector” mentalities and those that love treasure hunting. Item Awakening, another new feature to V11, provides players a means to awaken the dormant potential of an item; allowing for a diverse array of armor and weaponry to enter the game. The new continent, Azria, is accessible by way of a special pass. It is home to several new creatures, level 70 and up, and provides the player a bonus to experience points gained.

Learn more about Flyff and download the beta client at the official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016