Player Strategy Guide Index

Turbine's new baby will be a Strategies forum where they will compile
useful strategies written by the players:

Now that you’ve been playing
the game for a while, we’re sure that
you’ve learned some tricks and strategies for how to best play your
class, defeat monsters, support your party and more. A lot of you have
taken the time to compile this knowledge into strategy guides and
posted them to these forums.

We’d like to make these easy to find in one central place. So, we are
creating the Strategy Guide Index, starting in this thread. Post links
to useful strategy guides in this thread, and next week, we will
compile them into a thread stickied at the top of a new Strategies
forum, which we’ll open at the same time. We’ll keep that thread
updated with the latest guides from the community as they are submitted.

Thanks for your help in this. We expect it to be a great resource for
new players, as well as established players looking to improve upon the
tactics that they currently use.

We here at Ten Ton Hammer have been making href="">strategy
guides since the game released. Post a link to your favorite guide
in the href="">official
forums or talk about it on the href="">Ten Ton
Hammer DDO forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016