Given the shambled mess that the music industry has let itself devolve into over the past decade plus, we haven’t had a proper British music invasion in quite some time. Shame, really, as that always helped ignite a renewed interest in proper rock music in the States. Alas, we’ll just have to suffice with a seemingly never ending dirge of horrid and overproduced hip hop while the music industry works on getting its head out of its butt.

On a completely unrelated note, the power trio of Obsidian Entertainment, Allods Team, and have put together a detailed look at the Invasions system for upcoming MMO Skyforge. With a series of successful closed beta events under its belt, Skyforge development has been progressing quite nicely up to this point. Invasions add an altogether different slice of engaging and evolving content into the mix, as discussed in a brand new developer diary and article found over on the official Skyforge website.

Invasions involve the Mechanoids, a funky race of space tech that beta participants will no doubt already be familiar with. For my part, I consider them to be a breath of fresh air in an industry that insists upon the notion that gamers abhor anything that isn’t a bipedal humanoid in appearance. If floating death cubes are your thing, then these Mechanoid invasions will be right up your sci-fi alley.

Mind you, the Mechanoids aren’t the only invading force that players will be facing, as explained in the official post:

“Invading armies are made up of several distinct types of creatures, including humanoid and nonhuman, and even completely artificial beings. This comes from the fact that Aelion is under attack by roaming civilizations, hostile armies of greater gods, which have already conquered other worlds - claiming new followers to grow their power. The resulting armies of these civilizations are comprised of a variety of creatures, many of which are from entirely different worlds than the greater gods and avatar's leading them..”

In terms of gameplay and what players can expect, the post goes on to provide some additional insights:

“Each Invasion is divided into stages, and only the strongest immortals will be able to take part in the final battle against the avatar of the great god. However, any and all defenders of Aelion across the globe are entrusted to take part in the battles against the invading forces. Valliant young gods must organize and make plans to sabotage the invading ships and offer resistance against the landing troops attempting to invade settlements and claim followers across the planet.

Gameplay-wise, invasions include special adventures for 3-5 participants in which you’re tasked with preventing a territory from being overtaken, and 10-man raids, all which offer different levels of difficulty. Only by joining forces and working together can the immortals of Aelion repel incoming invasions in Aeli's absence.”

Be sure to visit the official Skyforge website to read more about Invasions, and you can also watch the developer diary discussing the system below.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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