Are you tired of content releases every three months? Need something to hold you over? NCsoft understands and in this weeks Friday Feedback states very clearly they won't be following traditional patching protocol. They state:

The Destination Games Staff has decided that the best plan of action is to not have large expansions, but instead, smaller builds with new content that would be given to players on a more frequent basis. The ultimate goal would be to have a feeling that the game is ever evolving and allow us to give new content and improvements on existing content when it is done, and not make you wait several months. As a result of this change, there will be no giant "Operations". All of the "Operation" content plans are still there and those features will be released when they are finished instead of waiting for expansion opportunities.

Look for more patching and content on a regular basis from the Tabula Rasa team! You can check out this and more information from todays feature over at the main site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016