Another exciting Friday Feedback from NCsoft this week has revealed a number of interesting videos, screenshots, and questions. In addition to a nifty video of the recently added Hybrids there is also concept art which shows how developers anticipated them to look. They also take a few moments to answer some of the frequently submitted feedback questions.

Q. Hey, will there be any vehicles coming out in the possible future like an APC or truck or something to move squad members around?

A. Temporary Wormholes were added in the last build that allow group members to teleport to and from areas within the game. As far as vehicles go, information regarding Tabula Rasa’s PAUs can be found here. More information will be released as we get closer to releasing PAUs to the Test Server.

Find out more about Hybrids and see what other questions they answered on the official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016