It's Friday, and time once again for NCsoft's weekly Friday Feedback. This week's coverage includes a deeper explanation of the Purple/Blue/Green mission reward changes, and information about the upcoming Black Armor Dye contest on Test server. For those playing on the Test server, a work around for the giant font size is noted. Also, the confusion with Staffs/Blades and Hand to Hand skill is addressed.

The Staff ability has two attacks, a ranged attack and a melee attack. Currently increasing the Staff skill in the Guardian class will only increase the damage of the ranged attack. In order to increase the damage of the melee attack you have to increase the Recruit Hand to Hand ability. As the Dev Team continues to investigate the Guardian class, this functionality may change.

The sword damage is only dependant on the Blade ability in the Spy class. It does NOT rely on the H2H ability. Increasing the H2H skill does not add to your sword damage.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016