A brand new Friday Feedback has been posted by Tabula Rasa Headquarters. This week NCsoft headlines the recent CuppaJo and Critters promotions, a new Online Gaming Radio to listen in to, and an upcoming Nitroglazer scavenger hunt on Pegasus. We also see another Patch 1.5 preview:

1.5 Patch Note Preview

* When being Resuscitated on the battlefield, the player now receives a confirmation dialog box, allowing choice of whether and when to be revived.

* Created and implemented various icons for defaults and ammunition icons signifying difference in grade.

* Armor Optimization: We are working to make player armor more efficiently use video card resources. In this publish, we have optimized all Light Armor suits. This may cause slight changes to the visual appearance of some piece of Light Armor.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016