Litany of the Dead Part One: The

Here are the full release notes for the Litany of the Dead Part One:
The Necropolis that will hit live servers on Wednesday August 16, 2006:


  • Gnarl's Tomb
    • Old Gnarl's ghost now opens
      his door after a fight if he dispatches any would-be thieves. This
      allows parties to attempt him again without resetting the dungeon.
  • Restless Isles
    • The Runetusk Commander will no longer speak to you after he
    • Several encounters were displaying their DM text
      This has been fixed.
  • Twilight Forge
    • If
      you are carrying a party member's soulstone, the crystals will no
      longer fire at you if you die while you have the appropriate key.
      Conversely, the crystals will resume firing at you if you pick up a
      soulstone. Additionally, we fixed a visual bug where the crystals
      appeared to fire at other players if they had the appropriate key.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016